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Who we are

As an international education company, we take care of linguistic, technical training and further education as well as the placement and work integration of international customers. Companies which want to meet their needs for skilled workers and young talents from abroad are advised by us about all the possibilities for filling vacancies from abroad and immediately receive tailor-made suggestions for the vacancies posted.

Our vision

Countering the shortage of skilled workers with qualified and motivated employees from abroad. Together we try to fight against the socio-politically important issue of the shortage of skilled workers and guarantee the highest quality in the services offered.

We act as a conscientious partner for German employers and as a guarantor for sustainable and targeted recruitment of international skilled workers.

Our principles

Language as the key to success

We understand language as the key to success. We therefore offer comprehensive online and face-to-face courses as well as specialist language courses at an early stage. And since language is best learned through exchange with people and especially with native speakers, we organize language sponsorships and many integrative projects.

Transparency & fairness

With the help of a clear and concise presentation of the overall process, the expected duration and status of the recognition and placement process can be traced for all parties involved at all times. We also pay attention to fair salary structures and working conditions and prepare the participants for their work in Germany.

Responsibility for the participants

People from abroad who are striving for a career change in Germany usually do not know what to expect - without preparation, a "culture shock" is inevitable. We are aware of our responsibility towards these people and their decision to start a new life in Germany and therefore support, inform and train early on in their home country. And even after entry, we stand by our participants, as well as the employers, with onboarding and involve everyone who participates in the process.