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your career in Germany

In Germany, due to the shortage of skilled workers in the medical professions, qualified specialists are being sought and demand will continue to rise in the next few years. As a doctor, physiotherapist, health and nurse or midwife / obstetrician, you have a wide range of career opportunities, both a classic career in employment or self-employment in a hospital, a practice or a rehabilitation facility, as well as positions outside of traditional medicine.

Due to the high requirements for the recognition of the regulated professions, which include medical professions in Germany, foreign specialists need a lot more. We therefore also provide you with professional and individual guidance on important professional goals:

How and where can I specialize in Germany?
How do I get an optimal position in a hospital or in a facility in order to get a secure permanent position?
How do I deal with the authorities and master formal difficulties, such as exam dates?

Vidacta brings together qualified specialists and medical institutions and accompanies you to your career success and a permanent position in Germany.

What are the entry requirements?


As an applicant from third countries, you must apply for a visa at the embassy of your country. With the Skilled Workers Immigration Act, which came into force on March 1, 2020, simplified regulations apply to entry into Germany. So that your application is successful. Vidacta will be happy to assist you in choosing the right documents.

Recognition of foreign qualifications

The professional title "doctor" or "doctor" is regulated in Germany. In order to be able to work as a doctor in Germany, your qualifications must therefore be recognized as equivalent by the competent authority. If you have completed your medical training abroad, you need a state license, the so-called Approbation, to practice the profession and to take up employment in Germany. Vidacta will inform you about entry requirements and support you in the recognition process.

Knowledge of languages

Medical professionals need sufficient knowledge of German, at least language level B1 / B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference. Doctors who come to Germany from abroad and want to work as a doctor must also prove when applying for a license to practice medicine that they have the necessary knowledge of the German language. In addition to the German certificate of language level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, a technical language examination for medicine of level C1 must be proven. Vidacta accompanies you with different learning formats to your learning success.

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